The Future of Pop: 20 Artists Under 20

Discover these 20 emerging artists under 20 years old who are defining the world of music right now. Read more.


SongTea: You Won't Believe the Names of the Drinks at This Viral Bubble Tea Shop

“Love Overtime, Love Being Broke” isn’t just super relatable; at Song Tea, it’s the name of their Everspring Oolong tea. Song Tea is a popular chain that originated in China. Read more.


A Close Look at Daniel Caesar’s New Album, CASE STUDY 01

Last night, Daniel Caesar dropped a surprise album that has made fans very emotional. CASE STUDY 01 is a medium-length album featuring 10 songs that stick to Caesar’s gospel and soul roots with very ambient and choral-based pieces. Read more.



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Hi, my name is Senaida and I'm a 17-year old singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. I've performed at Carnegie Hall in New York City, Roy Thompson Hall, Nathan Phillips Square, Koerner Hall, Open Tuning Festival and the Downtown Markham Music Festival. I am also the founder of the Youth Showcase Concert Series, an annual music festival for youth musicians in Toronto. I started this blog in 2016, originally named "Broken Stereo," as a way to share the latest music I've been listening to and promote Toronto artists.

One of my hobbies includes drinking bubble tea. My goal is to find the best bubble tea store in Toronto. I will be documenting my journey as I attempt to try a variety of drinks from every bubble tea store I find.

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